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About Telerik Academy

Teaching coding skills using top instructors

Telerik Academy is a leading educational initiative for training software engineers in Bulgaria. With over 20 in-depth courses in cutting-edge technologies, Telerik Academy helps students of almost any age and background develop programming skills and land jobs in the competitive IT industry.

Launched by Svetozar Georgiev, Boyko Iaramov, Vassil Terziev and Hristo Kosev in 2009, Telerik Academy addresFFses the shortage of IT professionals. All courses are held in Bulgarian on the company’s Sofia, Bulgaria campus,
and are likewise accessible on

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Telerik Academy Trainings

Inspiring a passion for coding


Software Academy

This intensive 12-month training in mobile and web app development and software quality assurance includes courses in C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Object-oriented programming, databases, cloud technologies, ASP.NET MVC, iOS and Android.


Kids Academy

The Kids Academy is a national program teaching kids ages 10-12 how to code. With two learning tracks - algorithmic programming and game development - and with a wide national scope, the program engages 1,000 school children in 11 Bulgarian towns.


School Academy

Telerik offers a series of monthly training sessions in software development for teenagers with little or no coding skills. The acquired knowledge and hands-on experience enables students to create their own compelling and functional apps.

Our Impact

Developing and supporting a vibrant tech community

In the Past Seven Years, Telerik Academy Has Fostered:

  • Access: More than 5,300 adults and 6,000 kids and teenagers were trained on-site.
  • Empowerment: 42,500 users used our video lessons for self-education.
  • Knowledge: Over 3,600 video lessons were created, currently watched 5 million times.
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Latest Telerik Academy
Alumni Survey Results:

  • 97 percent of alumni are employed in the software industry. Half found jobs while at Telerik Academy, or within a month of graduation.
  • Most alumni starting salaries exceed the country average in Bulgaria.
  • 100 percent of respondents attribute their professional success to Telerik Academy.
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Community Involvement
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Investor in Knowledge
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Innovators in Education
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Students’ Projects

Have a look at some of the great applications developed by our students

Soundcloud Enhancer Soundcloud Enhancer

Music playlist manager application that enables users to listen to Soundcloud tracks and search playlists.

Batman vs. Superman Batman vs. Superman

A computer game about the rivalry of Batman and Superman.

project-1 The Raft

An IQ test given to job applicants in Japan.

See more projects All projects are created by one or more third parties - all students at Telerik Academy - as part of the educational process. Information about projects is made available “as is,” and Telerik AD assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the content of the projects, including, but not limited to, their legality, originality, appropriateness and copyright.
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It was when I started looking for a job that I realized what an in-depth and solid training I had received at Telerik Academy and how highly appreciated it was by the IT industry.

Georgi Kostadinov .NET Developer at Accedia and graduate of Telerik Software Academy, Season 2013-2014

Telerik Academy entirely changed my career development. If it didn’t exist in its current format - free of charge and for beginners - I would’ve never started coding.

Elena Kirilova Web Developer at BGO Software, graduate of Telerik Software Academy, Season 2012-2013

Telerik Software Academy is a unique place where one can receive both knowledge and hands-on experience totally for free. They are absolutely sufficient for anyone interested in software engineering to acquire a new profession only for a year.

Plamen Stanev Javascript Developer at Nemetschek Bulgaria and graduate of Telerik Software Academy, Season 2013-2014